Rick and Morty is back for 70 more episodes – And here at 5 tops to celebrate!

Rick and Morty is inspired by Back to the Future. If you didn’t know that, then that’s kinda amazing – it’s pretty obvious. What’s more amazing, though, is that it’s just been confirmed that there are no less than 70 – read, 70 (gosh I wish I could capitalize numbers) episodes.

So, that’s a buttload more schwifty, a buttload more burping, and a buttload more Mr Poopy Butthole, now that he’s recovered from being shot by Beth. Whoops.

And, to celebrate this epic, awesome, super fantastic news, here are 5 – check it, 5 awesome Rick and Morty tees and tops you should own.

rick and morty tees tops

Free Rick! Rick and Morty Tops Collection

It was the end of Season 2, we’d all just laughed at the tiny planet gag, and things were looking grim for old Rick Sanchez. He was behind bars. And not just regular bars either. It was the Council of Ricks that had him locked up. But, we weren’t worried, not about Rick C137 – our Rick, the best Rick. But, just in case this was some heroic act of martyrdom, we made these shirts to show our support. Be a shame to let them go to waste, right?


Mr Poopy Butthole Rick and Morty Tees Collection

Mr Poopy Butthole was a strange one. During the parasite episode, you know the Sleepy Gary one, we were introduced to him. But, it was a double bluff. Anyone worth their salt would have said he was a parasite, but if you watched the opening credits closely, you would have seen him placed into every shot. So, sneakily, he was threaded into the history of Rick and Morty, which meant that when he was shot by Beth, it was all the more devastating. The ensuing emotional trauma was horrifying, and made only more tumultuous by the ensuing clips of him slowly recovering. Damn, Beth, you cold.



show me what you got rick and morty tees tops

Show Me What You Got Rick and Morty Tops Collection

Get schwifty. Possibly the most iconic saying from the series. It’s just one of those little catchphrases that resonates in a way that few things do. Much like Joey’s ‘How you doing?’ and Bender’s ‘Bite my shiny metal ass!’, ‘Get schwifty’ will live on in history as a thing that kids say without having ever seen an episode of Rick and Morty. What a time to be alive. This episode is one of my favourites, and it must be the favourite of plenty of others too for them to make a shirt out of it.


Mr Meeseeks Can Do! Rick and Morty Top Collection

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry… You just had to go and ask, didn’t you. Shave two shots off my golf game. Simple things, Jerry! Simple things! What started off as an innocent request turned into a full-blown suicide-fest. One of the more insane episodes, the Meeseeks became an immediate fan favourite, and here’s the top to prove it.

Mr Meeseeks Box Rick and Morty Top Collection

After what happened last time, I’m not surprised that Morty doesn’t want to take the box. It turned into a bit of a cluster fudge, and no one’s keen to relive that. Did you hear that Jerry even quit golf because of it? This is one of the more outlandish shirts on sale, but it will tell people two things: one, you love Rick and Morty, and two, you don’t really care what people think.


We’ve got lots of Rick and Morty stuff on offer, and these are just some of our top picks. Click on any of the tops above to head over to the store and see the full range!

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