Some Excellent Deadpool 2 Easter Eggs you missed (or should look out for)

With Deadpool 2 hitting the big screen harder than a freight train, and even outgrossing Avengers: Infinity War in its opening weekend, it’s likely that you’ve already seen it.

If not, no worries – we won’t spoil it too hard for you, but what we will do is let you in on some of the intricate and insane little easter eggs stuffed into those sexy red tights.

Deadpool 2 is bigger, longer, more lewd, more crude, and more blood-fuelled than its predecessor, and filled with obscure references, nods, and secrets that will likely surprise even the most focused ‘Pool fans. And, here are some of our favourites!


x men cameo deadpool 2

1. Deadpool 2 & Dark Phoenix Linked

After Wade un-successfully blows himself to smithereens, we see him being taken to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, the ubiquitous British mansion that appears in all of the X-Men movies, by Colossus. Now, following suit from the first movie, he remarks that it’s weird that there’re no X-Men in the mansion, despite its size. But, what you may not know is that during the filming of Dark Phoenix, the upcoming X-Men flick, the cast were asked to shoot a quick scene for DP2 and appear during that mansion scene, with Beast closing the door quickly so that presumably DP doesn’t ever find out they’re there. They supposedly shot more than a few, and the most mundane one made the cut. Fingers crossed that the outtakes crop up in the home-release, or that DP makes a cameo in Dark Phoenix in repayment. Here’s to hoping!


juggernaut deadpool 2

2. Juggernaut & Charles Xavier are Brothers

Deadpool’s thus far had no problem discarding bits of the other X Men movies in favour of doing things right. This time around, it was Juggernaut. In Last Stand, Vinnie Jones made an outing as a human-sized version, but with DP2 we actually got a Juggernaut-sized Juggernaut. And, what’s more is that it was revealed that Juggernaut and Charles Xavier are brothers (or at least we can fairly safely assume) after he says that he wears his helmet to stop his brother reading his mind (clue #1) but that it’s all fair because his brother’s in a wheelchair (clue #2). This is more accurate to the comics, where Juggernaut’s alter ego is Cain Marko, son of Kurt Marko, who becomes Charles Xavier’s stepfather by marrying his mother Sharon Xavier. Cain had a rough upbringing, which we can assume is one of the reasons he ends up in prison. But, why they didn’t take his helmet off, I’ll never know.


3. Juggernaut Voiced by Ryan Reynolds

While filming the movie, they needed someone to voice Juggernaut as a placeholder so other dialogue could be recorded around it, and so they’d have something for other actors to model themselves on when auditioning. So, in the interim, DP himself did the VO work, and the crew loved it so much that they had him do the whole thing. Hey – we’re not complaining. More Ryan Reynolds is never a bad thing!



blind al deadpool 2

4. Blind Al and the Cure for Blindness

In the first movie, DP says to Blind Al before he leaves that there’s a drug stash somewhere in the apartment – it’s hidden next to the cure for blindness. Now, what was originally a pretty harsh joke (but perfectly apt considering its context), turned into something that wasn’t a joke. When DP tries to murder himself, he goes back to Blind Al’s apartment to retreive his stash of drugs (aformentioned). And, if you’ve got quick eyes, you might see that next to his bag of drugs is another bag labelled ‘The Cure for Blindness’. Now, whether it’s an actual cure, or just another joke that he knows will be lost on Al – because she’s blind and and can’t read, I don’t know. But, knowing Deadpool, it’s probably a joke simply to amuse himself. Still, funny though.


x men deadpool m day

5. M Day is Coming

Now, for comic book fans, M Day is something that probably sounds familiar. Inside the Essex House are numerous propaganda posters with a religious fantatisicm to them – and they certainly weren’t bashful about making the catalyst for the movie a fanatic either. But, what you may have missed was likely the graffiti that said ‘M-DAY IS NEAR’. This is a real date in the comic universe, which follows the incident where Scarlet Witch turns 90% of all mutants human. The following series of events leads to the ‘Messiah War’, the ‘Second Coming’, and eventually the ‘Messiah Complex’. This is the storyline that launches Hope Summers (Cable’s Daughter, and Scott Summers and Madeline Pryor’s grand-daughter, in the Comic Universe) into the role of the mutant saviour. We’ll be doing another post all about Cable’s story soon enough, so keep an eye out for that. But, for now, just know that this could very well be a hint not only to the crossing over of several franchises (with the young X Men making a good show for themselves currently) but also as to the direction that X Force may take.


We’ll be keeping an eye on how X Force starts to shape up, but for now, if you want to get your hands on some awesome DP stuff, take a look at the amazing tops we have on offer!


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