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It’s bittersweet, you know? We have the Deadpool we all sat up at night dreaming about – sure. Ryan Reynolds is the perfect Wade Wilson, there’s no denying that. And he’s certainly a better DP than he was Hal Jordan. But, if you dig deep into that bank of repressed memories, you might be able to dredge out those from May 2009 when Deadpool first (kind of) appeared on our screens. It was X Men Origins: Wolverine, and he showed up without the mutations, wielding swords, before having his mouth sewn shut and gaining the ability to teleport and shoot lazers out of his eyes. It wasn’t a good time for anyone.


And now, I guess we’re just supposed to forget that and consider it only semi-canon in regards to Logan, but not in regards to Wade… We’re sort of glad, though, because these awesome tops would look horrible if they were adorned with the face that plagued the last twenty minutes of that movie. Still gives me the shivers now. But, they’re not, and they don’t – yay.


Minimal design, maximum effort. This simple, yet effective top is a no fuss, no muss shout out to our favourite hero. If it was just the eyes, it would be cool, but it’s that signature Deadpool what the shhhh eyebrow pop that makes Dwayne Johnson go weak at the knees. It’s bold and brash, and embodied everything Deadpool. Note: does not give the wearer superhuman abilities.


There are those who do good because it’s their duty, and there are those who do good because they get paid to. And then there are those who do anything they get paid to. The first two are heroes and heroes for hire, and the third one is what you’d call a ‘Mercenary’. Is Deadpool a Mercenary? Sure. He’s described as the ‘Merc with the mouth’, a gun-toting antihero who’s not got much in the way if qualms when it comes to feeding anyone a bullet. Did he go to school for it? No. But, if he could have, then he probably would have gone to Mercenary University.


Whatcha see here is a pair of Desert Eagle Mark XIX – ‘Pool’s favourite pea-shooters. In classic DP read, with the signature eyes, this top lets everyone know that not only do you like Deadpool, but you like him enough to wear his face on your chest. All joking aside, this is a cool design that’s going to see you through the Deadpool 2, and 3 premiers. As far as simple yet effective goes, this top is up there.


There’s something magical about a piece of clothing that can express a complex human sentiment. Whether it’s a leather jacket that says ‘Screw the establishment!’ a cowboy hat that says ‘I year for a simpler time’, or simply a Deadpool tee that says ‘Suck it.’ You’ll find plenty of joy in wearing this, and pointing to it any time you want to tell someone to suck it, without actually saying those words. Because, let’s face it, none of us want to engage in direct conversation with humans, but passively aggressively gesturing to your shirt? Hell, that’s easy.


Deadpool’s glorious red on black look has pervaded every level of pop culture. From hardcore cosplayers, right down to kids movies, this blood-drenched, cussing neck chopper is utterly inescapable. It’s a trend, even, to pick other pop culture icons and dress them up as Deadpool. Point and fact – Baymax. There’s likely not a character alive less akin to Wade Wilson, but, you have to admit that he does look dashing in red.


If you look up the word ‘chimichanga’, you’ll find it’s a combination of the words ‘seared/singed’ and ‘insult’ (loosely). So, is it any coincidence then that this is the most talkative (and insulting) hero’s favourite food? Probably not. Basically, you take a beef and bean fajita, and deep fry it. Then, cover it with cheese, and eat it. Sounds delicious, right? Well, did you expect such a discerning palate as that of Wade Wilson to succumb to anything less? No? Didn’t think so.


Boba Fett and Deadpool have quite a lot in common. They both kill people for money. They both have awesome costumes. They’re both quick to the trigger. And, they both look great on the front of a tee shirt. So what could be better then, than Boba-Pool? It’s Boba Fett’s armour, wrapped around Deadpool’s beautiful biceps, with a slick red paint job. I can almost hear Robert Downey Jr. asking Jarvis to ‘throw in a little hot rod red’. We can pray for a crossover, but whether one will ever come, who can say. And yet, there’s always hope.


Since Despicable Me came out, Minions stole the hearts of millions. So much so that they even got their own movie. Few satellite characters ever aspire to such heights, and now, on top of their box-office outing, they’ve scored themselves a Deadpool crossover tee shirt? Talk about jackpot. This thing will suit anyone who wants to bring a little lightness to the blood and gore that comes part and parcel with Deadpool.


And that’s just the beginning! We’ve got so many more excellent Deadpool tops and other things – like replicate ninja swords. Oh yeah.


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