My Precious – Geek Jewelry Galore!

If you’ve ever played an RPG, you know that jewelry is important. Whether it’s an enchanted circlet that lets you regen your magicka faster, a gold necklace to buff your charisma levels, a pendant that vibrates in the presence of monsters, or a ring that turns you invisible, it doesn’t matter. Adornments are key for making your quest a little easier, and letting everyone else know exactly who they’re dealing with.


And now, you can get your hands on some outside the game, too. We’ve rounded up our favourite pieces for you, so that you can rock and rep your favourite game, movie, or series everywhere you go.


Geek JewelryThe One Ring

Come on – what list of geek jewellery would be complete with this? Ok, so it may not be the real one ring, and it probably won’t turn you invisible. But, it comes in gold, silver, or black, complete with the Elven Etchings, alla Celebrimbor. Don’t know who that is? Well, then I don’t think you deserve the one ring after all. Yeah. It’s mine. Hands off. You can’t have it, filthy Hobbits! It’s… It’s… Uh… Ahem, sorry about that. I don’t know what came over me. On second thoughts, maybe you’d better take it off my hands.


Harry Potter WatchHarry Potter Pocket Watch

Want to make telling the time more of a hassle? Well, then you need a pocket watch. All joking aside, this excellent looking Hogwarts timepiece is a functioning watch hewn from stainless steel. With two choices to choose from, and precise and intricate engraving on each, this watch makes the perfect gift for any Potter obsessed fan – which, let’s face it is all of us, right? Never miss another Quidditch match again with this bad boy. The only catch is that it’s non magical. Before we brought them home from Diagon Alley, they told us that if we were selling to muggles that we’d have to have all the enchantments removed – so other than telling the time and looking awesome, it doesn’t do much else. Still though, pretty cool, right?


Game Of Thrones NecklaceGame of Thrones Necklace

I’m not sure I’ll ever forgive Roose Bolton, or George RR Martin for the Red Wedding. I always was, and always will be a bannerlord of House Stark, and I firmly believed in the King in the North. I mean, Jon will do, but let’s all face fact – he’s no Rob Stark. That’s why I’ve got a House Stark pendant. If, however, your allegiances lie elsewhere, isn’t it your duty to bare their crest? With nine designs to choose from, including the Lannister Lion, Targaryen Dragon, the Baratheon Stag, and the Squid of the Iron Isles, you couldn’t ask for more.


Master Sword NecklaceZelda Necklace

Would it be cliched to say it? I don’t care, I’m saying it anyway. It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this. Damn, I’ve always wanted to say that. Ok, so it may not be the Master Sword that goes with that quote, but come on, I couldn’t pass it up. With eighteen games in the series, the Legend of Zelda (which should be called the Legend of Link, really, shouldn’t it) persists as timelessly as its hero. And, with a weapon as glorious the Master Sword (also known as the Sword of Evil’s Bane, the Sword of Time, the Sword of Resurrection, and the Sword that Seals the Darkness, if you’re as big a Zelda nerd as me), how could there not be likenesses made that one can wear around their neck? I’ll tell you what – I never leave home without mine. It’s too damn dangerous!


Doctor Who NecklaceDr Who Necklace

If time travel is your thing… Or was… Or will be… Whatever… Then you probably love Doctor Who. What started as an unsure leap for the BBC into the big bad world of sci-fi way back in 1962 developed and evolved into one of the most beloved global sci-fi series in the world. And now, you can own your very own inter-dimensional spaceship. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a miniaturized version of the doctor, or his trusty crew, but still – it’s pretty cool. Available in silver, gold, or trademark blue, this Tardis pendant will let everyone know that they are in the presence of a Whovian.

It’s Avengers fever! Leading up to the release of the biggest movie of the year, you can show your Marvel spirit with this excellent charm bracelet. With all your favourite heroes, from Thor, to Cap, and even Deadpool, this Marvel themed piece of kit is a must have for anyone who likes to get their comic fix at least once daily. With removable charms, too, you can customize it to your liking, making space for your favourites, and casting asunder those that don’t make your own personal Avengers squad. Without this, can you really say you’re ready to assemble?


Yennefer NecklaceYennefer Necklace

It’s not really Yennefer’s choker, but it’s close enough, right? For any Witcher fan with a girlfriend who’s been trawling the internet looking for a stuffed unicorn, or for any Witcher fangirl that fancies herself a Yen to-be, complete with a milky haired sourpuss-paramor, this choker is a must have. Its soft velveteen choker, combined with a solid metal pendant makes this a gorgeous piece, no matter what colour you choose, or whose neck it’s hanging off.


Alright fellow gamers, dreamers, and schemers, until next time.


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