On Your Left! – 5 tops to get you into the Avengers spirit!

What started as a far from humble outing in 2008 when Robert Downey Junior stepped onto our screens, and proceeded to thereafter dominate them, has grown and culminated in the boldest and most ambitious shared cinematic universe in history. Grossing more now than Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or any other series of movies you can think of, the Marvel universe continues to grow to new heights.

When Tony’s second outing in Iron Man 2 saw Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury enter the limelight, every Marvel fan in the world shivered with excitement. When the announcement of Avengers came, we all leapt for joy, and it was warranted. Joss Whedon’s two back to back out-of-this-world Avengers home runs propelled the universe to new heights and rammed home that the stories were of people, and of love, and loss, and friendship, and heartache. What was once a fun aside from serious films for out of sorts actors became a legitimate career move. Huge actors began to flock to superhero movies, and the genre defined itself as respectable, and wonderfully successful. Global stars began flooding into the Marvel universe, and now, we’ve got them all coming together in the most anticipated movie event of, dare I say it, the decade?

I’ll be at the midnight opening, and I’m not ashamed to say it. I’ll be there, along with hundreds of others, because it’s going to be amazing. And if you want to show your Avengers spirit, too, then why not grab yourself one of these excellent tops?



Whether you support Hydra or not, you have to admit that they trump the Avengers hands down when it comes to cool logos. This collection of awesome tees, tops, and tanks comes to you with the classic varsity insignia look. The squid-skull… thing (that actually doesn’t bear any resemblance to an actual Hydra, I might add), takes pride of place in the centre of this design, accented perfectly in red and white. Whether people will think it’s a real university or not isn’t really relevant. If you’re a Hydra supporter, you don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks, anyway. Hail Hydra!



Or, maybe you’re one of those goodie-two shoes Avengers? Hey, we don’t judge. You wear what you want to wear. Leading up to this Thanos showdown, they’re going to need as much help as they can get!

Can you wear it to the Avengers premier? Heck yeah. Will it make you look like a weird super-fan? Not next to the guy in the full iron-man cosplay it won’t. Show your Avengers spirit with this awesome Varsity style university design. Avenger’s University would be really fun to go to, though I kinda feel like it would be tough, you know? What with Stark, Banner, Parker, Strange, and Vision being in charge. Can they all be geniuses? It that even fair?



Ah, what a simpler time 2014 was. We all remember this gag, in DC (the place, not the comic) where Cap is running past Wilson (falcon) and keeps saying ‘On your Left’. It was probably the funniest part of what was an otherwise serious outing for the Marvel gang. It remains one of my favourite Marvel movies (top 3), though I’m not going to get into that with you guys now because it’s one of those discussions that goes on far to long, and always ends with tears – usually mine. But, if, like me, you appreciate Winter Soldier for the masterpiece that it was, or you like to confuse people as you run through the park with obscure references that they probably won’t get, then this is the tee for you. It also comes as a tank, and hoodies too, if you, you know, really want to work up a sweat.



Ah, Christmas, a time for family, and cheer (two of Rogers’ favourite things), and of course saying that you’re totally against killing people, but then irreparably maiming them with your superhuman punches and a swift vibranium shield-smack to the face. Ah, the joy,

But, in all seriousness, this is one of those great pieces of clothing that you can wear to Christmas parties and get-togethers without losing your Marvel Spirit. While everyone else is cavorting about in itchy knits adorned with cotton wool beards and light-up Christmas trees with real tinsel, you can languish in the soft embrace of Captain America’s face. Sounds perfect to me.


The 2016 showdown was absolutely inescapable. You could not move for seeing one of their names plastered somewhere. It was talker versus the doer, the good versus the questionable, the tall versus the short, the red versus the blue, the old versus the young. Of course, I’m talking about Civil War, and if you thought it was anything else then shame on you. We don’t talk about the real world. We’re all about the fantasy and the makebelieve, which was why the only flags we were waving in 2016 had the words ‘Stark’ or ‘Rogers’ on them.

A void was carved between two of our favourite characters – but we can expect them to reunite in the coming Infinity War movie, even if it is just to face a greater evil. And heck, if you don’t think they’re going to make up then how do you explain Cap growing a beard if it’s not a symbolic tribute to the Stark shaped hole in his heart?

You can’t disprove that, so that’s the fan theory we’re sticking with. Show off your compassion for what was an emotional rollercoaster, and rock this top to make sure no one forgets the sacrifices that were made in 2016 in the name of honour and the greater good.

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