The Rules of Quidditch

The Rules of Quidditch

We all love the game. Broomsticks and blood, golden balls with wings, pain and suffering, hoops… It has everything we could ever want! But, how the heck do you play it!?

History & Background

Quidditch is played all over the Wizarding world, which is just like the regular world, except Muggles don’t know it exists.

The game of Quidditch was certainly not the first broomstick-based game, and as such, likely owes its origins to games like Shuntbumps, Swivenhodge, and Stitchstock, all of which involved broom-based light combat and ball play.

The name ‘Quidditch’ is derived from ‘Queerditch Marsh’, the location of the first ever recorded game – done so in 1050AD by Gertie Keddle in her diary, which survives to this day.

Rules of Play

  • The rules of play are reasonably simple if you’re aware of how most team sports work.
  • Each team consists of seven players: a Keeper, a Seeker, three Shasers, and two Beaters. One of these players is also appointed as the team captain.
  • Quidditch has three balls: a Quaffle and two Bludgers. But, there’s also the Golden Snitch.
  • Players must use the Quaffle to score points. A Quaffle is 12 inches in diameter and is made of leather, but has no innate magical bewitchings or abilities. It’s passed between the Chasers until they can reach any of the three goal hoops on the opposing end of the field, and score a goal by throwing it through one of them.
  • A goal is worth 10 points.
  • The Bludgers, however, fly around the field trying to knock players off their brooms. It’s the job of the Beaters to keep the Bludgers at bay by batting them off.
  • The Seeker’s job is to wait for the Golden Snitch to come into view, and then to catch it. If the Seeker catches the Golden Snitch, the team is awarded 150 points, and the game is over.
  • Games are played over a series, and the winner of the series, or league, or cup, is decided by the team with the highest number of total accumulated points, and not by the team with the most wins.

In the Real World

People play Quidditch in the real world. It’s governed by the International Quidditch Association, or IQA, and is player both at intercollegiate as well as private levels. There’s even an official IQA World Cup.

  • Play is similar to that of the book, with players scoring goals with the Quaffle while holding a broom between their legs with one hand.
  • A Beater throws Bludgers at the Chasers in order to force them to drop a Quaffle.
  • Seekers must chase a ‘Snitch-Runner’ who has a tail of sorts attached to their shorts. If the Seeker can grab it, they score 10 points. Normal goals are worth 10 points each.


If this sounds like your sort of game, then check out your local notice board, who knows – they may have a local team in your town!

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