Are you ready for beach season? – 3 Awesome Training Tanks and Tops

Summer’s practically here already, and you know what that means. That’s right, wearing your t-shirt at the beach because you didn’t keep your new year’s resolution again.


Wait, you did? You’re going to the gym a lot, you say? Hmm, well, do you are have gym-appropriate attire? You don’t? Well, we can fix that. Here are a couple of damn excellent gym tees and tops you definitely need to be wearing while you lift things and then put them down again, or run ten miles without moving.


Sleeping is my Cardio

I truly believe there’s a Snorlax in all of us, and were this a utopian society, it would quickly descend into chaos because we’d all lie around doing nothing until the race died out. Luckily, it’s not. But, you can still express your wish for such a world-order with this top. Or, you know, where it to the gym to be ironically funny and stuff.


Training to kill Francis

Deadpool was a revelation, and if you guys keep up with my posts, a favorite movie of mine. I think we were all a little upset with what Francis did to Wade, but well, he got his comeuppance in the end, didn’t he. But, it didn’t come easy. Oh no, there were plenty of push-ups, curls, and squats involved, if not for Wade, then certainly for Ryan. And now, you can be your very own Deadpool and train to kill Francis, or just to look good. I mean, whatever.


Hyrule Fitness

Link’s cardio is off the charts. His upper body strength is insane, and he’s got thighs of steel from riding Epona all over the damn planet. With nineteen games under his belt, he needs to stay in tip-top form, and as such, gets to the gym quite often. He’s even launched his own gym brand of clothing, and here it is. Ok, so that last bit is a lie, but still – a Zelda themed gym tank? What else have you ever wanted more?


And those are our three top picks. We have lots more on offer, so if you want to check out the full range, click here, and you can head straight over to our entire range of fitness tanks and tops!